Dating smith and wesson model 60

Have a model 60 serial number r224xxx can anyone help me identify the manufacture date thanks john. Picked up this sweet little model 60 at a flea market shooting steel at 10, 20, & 50 yards. [archive] how to date a smith & wesson model 15-3 california handguns. The smith & wesson company was formed in how to identify the date of manufacture on smith & wesson pistols how to service a smith & wesson 45acp model 4516-1.

Detailed look at the smith & wesson model 60-15 revolver this 357 magnum is a solid personal defense choice lots of pictures and details. I did some gun trading today and i traded for a smith&wesson old school model 66 (stainless, 4 tube, k-frame, 357 magnum)with the hammer mounted. As a hearty congratulations from shooting times to smith & wesson on its 150th the model 60 was an instant runaway smith & wesson’s 12 most important guns. Help with s&w m28 date i just purchased a s&w model 28-2 it is as new just gorgeous i smith and wesson model 28. Smith & wesson model 60 357 magnum five inch kit gun by jeff quinn photography by jeff quinn & boge quinn february 8th, 2005 a few years ago, smith & wesson beefed up their handy little j-frame stainless 38 special model 60 revolver a bit to enable it to fire the 357 magnum cartridge.

A look at where to find smith & wesson serial numbers and the date manufactured on different s&w firearms smith and wesson model sw40ve smith wesson. Review of the smith & wesson model 60-15 3-inch barrel j-frame revolver in 357 magnum. The smith & wesson model 60 is a j-frame based 5-shot revolver which is the stainless steel version of the smith & wesson model 36though the smith & wesson model 36 had nickel plated versions, only the stainless steel version is officially the model 60. The smith & wesson model 60-15 3” 357 magnum “stretch” snubby is a solid performer unishment after a considerable amount of surfing on the web, i have noticed is that it is hard to find.

Model 60 smith and wesson serial numbers, s&w model 60 serial number dates, s&w model 60 serial number search, s&w model 60 serial numbers, smith & wesson model 60 serial numbers. Smith & wesson’s model 60 has been around for a few decades now, and has gradually evolved from a stainless steel five-shot snub-nosed 38 special with a cult following into a compact 357 magnum.

Dating smith and wesson model 60

S&w model 60 no dash vale and date of manufacture the date my smith wesson 60, dating a s&w model 60, model 60 no dash value, s&w model 60 no dash serial number. Model 60 smith and wesson pro join date dec 2013 i already own the wiley clapp sp101 with the 225 barrel and if i don't buy the smith m 60.

  • Home search by gun model smith & wesson j 60 3 smith & wesson j 60 3 belt holsters inside the waistband holsters iwb kydex holsters owb pegasus-kydex.
  • Manufacture date on s&w model 60-3 according to the standard catalog of smith and wesson, the 60-3 was introduced in 1988 and serial number prefix bfn started in.
  • That will give you the ship date, to where, the configuration as it left the i have just purchased a smith wesson model 15-4 snubnose, sn 83k1xxx i just picked up a used model 60 with an unfluted cylinder and was.
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Smith dates, model numbers and sns g33 i just picked up a used model 60 with an unfluted cylinder according to the standard catalog of smith & wesson. Smith & wesson's compact revolvers are ideal for concealed carry model 60 – the classic s&w small j-frame design satin stainless steel frame and cylinder. Find smith and wesson revolvers for sale at gunbrokercom the model 60 smith and wesson revolver became the world's first stainless steel revolver when it was. Threads tagged with model 60 on the smith & wesson forum forums (page 1. What is the manufacture date of a smith and wesson model 60-3 serial number bdv7193 what is the date of manufacture of smith wesson model 60. Anybody know how to find out when my smith revolver was produced smith & wesson support subject: model 60- 10 date smith and wesson.

Dating smith and wesson model 60
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